When your automatic garage door opener ceases to work there can be several issues that may be causing the problem. The motor itself may have broken a gear or simply has gone down due to age and wear and tear causing the opener itself to cease up and not work at all.

The transmitter may be failing or the transmitter battery has gone dead causing the signal to be missed. The openers photo eye or the track may be out of alignment causing the door to open unevenly and get stuck. The sensitivity may need some adjustment or the limit setting is off altogether. In any of these cases your garage door has been rendered useless and inoperable and in need of a professionals attention. This is where the Garage Door Hero comes in as we can fix any of these issues and have your garage door working like new again.


Are you in need of garage door repair in the Orange County area? You need to look no further, because Garage Door Hero can take care of all of your garage door repair needs, usually in the same day. We travel all around the Orange County, Los Angeles area for garage door repair jobs, so if you have been experiencing any of the following problems, please call us today!

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