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Your garage door springs are designed to make it easy for you or your garage door opener to lift the garage door. When these springs break or go bad it can make it difficult to impossible to lift the garage door. There are a variety of reasons that your garage door springs can break.

One common reason is general wear and tear however extreme heat or cold can also stress the springs to the point of breaking..

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When your automatic garage door opener ceases to work there can be several issues that may be causing the problem. The motor itself may have broken a gear or simply has gone down due to age and wear and tear causing the opener to seize up and not work at all..

The transmitter may be failing or the transmitter battery has gone dead causing the signal to be missed.

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There several reasons that a garage door can come off the track such as bad or broken rollers which can cause the door to be difficult to open as well as knock it off its track.

A bent garage door or a loose hinge can also cause the door to open unevenly and put strain on the rollers and hardware as well as knock the garage door itself right off the track.

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There are several pieces of hardware that comes with every garage door however not every piece of hardware will work with any garage door. Many Garage doors come with their own specific type of hardware fitted to the specifications and functionality of the door.

From commercial garage doors to residential garage doors having the right hardware that is in good working order is vital to the longevity and functionality of the garage door itself.

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The garage door track is what guides the garage door up and down and is one of the most integral parts of your garage door system. When the tracks get old, bend, or otherwise become misaligned it can cause the garage door to have issues opening and shutting.

In some cases we have seen the track itself become dislodged from its bracing and make it extremely difficult to get your garage door up or down at all.

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