The garage door track is what guides the garage door up and down and is on of the most integral parts of your garage door system. When the tracks get old, bend, or otherwise become misaligned it can cause the garage door to have issues opening and shutting as well.

In some cases we have seen the track itself become dislodged from its bracing and make it extremely difficult to get your garage door up or down at all. Running your garage door up and down a broken or misaligned track can also damage the door itself and can be dangerous.

We often replace the entire tracking when situations like this occur. When it comes to any part of your garage door from repair to complete replacement Garage Door Hero is here to help with experienced & knowledgeable technicians who can get the job done right and keep your garage door running and operating smoothly.


Are you in need of garage door repair in the Orange County area? You need to look no further, because Garage Door Hero can take care of all of your garage door repair needs, usually in the same day. We travel all around the Orange County, Los Angeles area for garage door repair jobs, so if you have been experiencing any of the following problems, please call us today!

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